The Garth has opened in aid of the “Gardeners Sunday” Charity, THE NATIONAL GARDENS SCHEME since 1984.

This scheme offers the opportunity for the public to visit private gardens, not normally open to the public.

On the first and last Sunday in June, the Garden is open from 2 - 6pm and you can enjoy the garden without any prior booking. Approximately 400 people each year take advantage of this opportunity, although many also come for the Plant Stall, selling cuttings and plants from the Garden or the Afternoon Teas. The Teas are provided in the Garth itself and include a pot of tea and scones with jam and cream.

There are about 40 other gardens which open for NGS during the summer in Staffordshire and about 3700 throughout the country. Details of all these openings are listed in the “Yellow Book” which is available from most garden centres and bookshops from the beginning of March or on the NGS website.


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